“You See Me, I See Through You, You Say Fuck Me, I Say Fuck You”

by bryleetaylor

I watch movies and I wonder why my life isn’t like them – why can’t I live the life of a motion-picture, why can’t I have that fairytale ending? Then I realize that maybe the people producing the movies are just as unhappy as I am, living in some fantasy world. Maybe they make movies to get away, to pretend life is actually that of utopia. They aren’t real, the movies, I mean, they’re just make believe; life, however, is not.

This all brought me to the realization that maybe I won’t need a stranger to make me forget about him and push forward – he made that pretty easy for me already. I bit the bullet, I made a decision. It wasn’t a rash decision. It was a completely well thought out decision and I fully believe it’s the correct one. I’ll see him for the last time this weekend, and then I’ll disappear. He won’t hear from, or see me again… hopefully, he’ll be kind enough to do the same.

Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. We aren’t meant to be, and that’s the unfortunate truth.